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Our Insights – July 2019

Global views and trends

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In this edition of Our Insights, read about how an alliance between global research universities is ratcheting up the quality and quantity of research into sustainable finance. We also explore how the ‘plastic revolution’ is progressing, present a multi-factor strategy for US equities and outline our asset allocation outlook.

The plastics revolution
The war on plastics truly began in 2018, backed by new, hard-line legislation in the EU and elsewhere. And the battle is raging just as hard in 2019, creating both opportunities and risks for investors.


Navigating trade tensions
As markets gyrate on fears and cheers about trade wars, monetary policy and recession risk, distinguishing between the various drivers of fundamentals is crucial to maintaining a robust, well-diversified portfolio.


A multi-factor approach to US equities
Given the significant allocation to US equities in global equity indices, investors are likely to be interested in strategies offering core exposures to this market with the potential to deliver excess returns and respect sustainable investing criteria.


GRASF-ing the nettle of meaningful sustainable finance research
Professor Rob Bauer, co-chair of GRASFI, a network of global research universities, talks about how this alliance is working to promote rigorous and impactful academic research on sustainable finance and investment.


Our Insights appears every quarter and offers investors views on future economic trends and the outlook, and possible implications for investing. Contact your local representative for  more information.




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