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Out now: SRI News – the green bond issue

SRI News

BNP Paribas Asset Management

Covers financial returns, benefits and the future of this market

Green bonds have rapidly grown in popularity in the past four or so years: total issuance has risen tenfold since 2013 and 2017 promises to be a bumper year for new bonds.

On the supply side, more and more companies, sovereigns, agencies, local governments and municipal authorities are using green bonds to finance assets and projects including the energy transition that are crucial to addressing environmental challenges such as climate change.

At the same time, there is growing demand from investors big and small who are keen to contribute to society and the wellbeing of the planet by investing in green bonds.

We believe green bonds serve a dual purpose: allowing investors to fulfil their fiduciary duties, while addressing environmental and social challenges. As the green bond market progresses towards maturity, we expect its future to remain bright for years yet.

In this edition of SRI News, we look at the added value that green bonds can offer investors. We focus on these aspects:

  • the financial returns that an investor can expect from a green bond
  • the benefits of green bonds for the planet and society
  • the future of the green bond market

Articles by Arnaud Guilhem Lamy, portfolio manager, Felipe Gordillo, senior ESG1 analyst, and Helena Vines Fiestas, head of ESG Research.

  • 1. ESG analysis involves the use of environmental, social and governance criteria. More on

Please note that this document may contain technical language. For this reason, it is not recommended for readers without professional investment experience.

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