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The Intelligence Report – 17 July 2019

Global views and trends

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The uncertainty around the Sino-US trade requires robust multi-asset portfolios.We detail our approach. Elsewhere we explore the opportunities the boom in life sciences is creating in listed real estate and explain how we assess the strength of business models and corporate governance in a world where cyber-security risks abound.   The Intelligence Report will take a summer break for the next month. Happy holidays to all our readers!

Asset allocation: trade truce and de-globalisation

Trade tensions continue to be a bellwether for markets and as the US and China vie for supremacy, globalisation could move into reverse. At times like these, investors should build robust portfolios that include defensive trades and hedges.

Where there’s life, there’s real estate

The boom in life science research activities – genetics, biotechnology and medical and pharmaceutical innovation – means there is serious growth potential in the related real estate markets over the coming decade.

Cyber-security: an assessment

Cyber-attacks can hit investors and other stakeholders hard. Leaks, compromised customer data, denial-of-service attacks or file destruction can disrupt operations, lose client trust and lead to tougher legislation.


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