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The Intelligence Report – 18 September 2019

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Energy, transport, corporate purpose – time to push the reset button?

Amid the turmoil over trade, Brexit and a raft of geopolitical issues, investors may find it hard to work out where to turn. However, with a longer-term perspective, and a focus on the greater good, there appear to be obvious choices. 

For example, taking action as the energy transition pushes fossil fuels into the background, as our infographic illustrates.

Or coupling growth and a shift to electric vehicles to help tackle the environmental fallout of economic progress, as we explain in the white paper highlighted in our second article.

In the final article, we present leading academics’ views on the ongoing assessment of corporate purpose in our report of the recent GRASFI conference. 

The energy transition – resetting expectations for equity value
Opportunities and risk in the energy transition are driven by increased energy demand, a changing energy mix and the need for energy-efficient solutions.


The road to electrification: EV development in emerging markets
To help brake the precipitous rise in greenhouse gas emissions that comes with rapid emerging market growth, there is an important role for electric vehicles.


Are companies about shareholder or stakeholder value?
Sustainability is becoming mainstream and influencing how companies see themselves. Even leading CEOs have begun to encourage greater reflection on their organisations’ purpose.


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