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The Intelligence Report – 19 June 2019

Global views and trends

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A raft of factors and events has shifted the dial for asset allocators, making binary choices between asset classes less obvious and expanding the risk spectrum, as Paul Sandhu argues.   Elsewhere in this edition: among the ‘newcomers’ in the alternatives field, loans to SMEs offer attractive yields and diversification opportunities. Also: once ‘new’ and ‘up-and-coming’, the bubbly (US) tech sector faces more scrutiny, dimming its prospects and clouding its status as a must-have.

Bonds and equities: a new correlation for a new world order

Achieving the most effective balance between asset classes is likely no longer a simple ‘equities or bonds’ choice. Other factors – exogenous events and new technologies among them – are bringing new asset classes into the equation.

A sustainable approach to SME lending can help economy thrive

While large, household-name companies dominate the media, it is small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that keep the global economy turning. A look at how responsible lending to the UK’s SME sector can contribute.

4 things you should know about tech stocks and ‘antitrust’

Tech stocks have significantly outperformed the broader equity market in recent years, reflecting the rise of the digital economy. But elements of these tech firms’ structure and conduct may pose anticompetitive concerns.


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