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World water day

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BNP Paribas Asset Management

On the occasion of World Water Day, BNP Paribas Investment Partners is pleased to announce that its Aqua funds have set a record with almost 2 billion euros in assets under management.


The theme of this year’s World Water Day is “wastewater”. In many of the world’s regions, water is becoming scarcer due to the intensive use made of it and to global warming. In these regions, water treatment and recycling plants are becoming crucial. Technical solutions already exist, such as bacterial purification, ultraviolet or ozone treatment, and nano-filtration. Various experiments of this type have been successfully conducted in Singapore and Israel, for example. And BNP Paribas IP’s Aqua funds invest precisely in those companies that find and implement these technical solutions for treating and recycling water worldwide.

They also invest in companies that help to equip local governments with full water-adduction systems or to renovate them when they wear out.

*Source BNPP IP as at 15 03 2017.


Parvest Aqua is a mutual fund governed by Luxembourg law and that complies with European Directive 2009/65/CE.

Investments in the funds are subject to market fluctuations and to the risks inherent to investing in securities. The value of investments and the income they generate may go down as well as up and it is possible that investors will not recover their initial outlay. The funds described incur the risk of a loss of capital. For a fuller definition and description of risks, please refer to the fund prospectus and KIID. Before subscribing, you are urged to read the most recent version of the prospectus and KIID that can be downloaded free of charge from our website

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